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Grappling Dynamics uses the principles of the grappling arts to produce well rounded martial artists for the purpose of competition, personal development, and real life self-defense.

Due to the current events, we are operating on a modified schedule, please contact us for scheduling and class times info@GrapplingDynamics.com or 619-810-7600

Our training programs are designed to present the grappling arts in a systematic approach while allowing each team member the opportunity to explore and develop their own unique martial arts journey.

Youth Classes

The Grappling Dynamics Youth Program was developed in an effort to instruct children in the areas of competition and real-life self-defense, while at the same time promoting health and fitness in a fun learning environment.

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Adult Classes

Grappling Dynamics offers a comprehensive training program designed to incorporate the principles of Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, and Judo to create well-rounded grapplers.

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Our Team

Our instructors bring a diverse background in martial arts and professional instruction.
Whether your goal is competition or self-defense, we can help guide you in the right direction.

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